Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bintan Dec 2007 - Day 3

Day 3 of our Bintan getaway. Another early morning walk. 

Mark got up earlier to do his photography while the kids and i were still snoozing. When the kids woke up, we strolled along the beach, took some pictures and then headed to the restaurant for breakfast. 

the usual beach island photo op - under the coconut tree

camera lens a bit moist

the boys having fun in the sand

Ira's balancing act, just in front of Bintan Villas

a long way back to the hotel

time to clean our footwear

It was hard to get all the crude oil out of our slippers. Good thing the hotel provided some "solution" - gas.

red flag was up - no beach swimming today

At the restaurant, the kids realized that we had been sitting on the same table number since the first day. At the poolside resto, our table was #25, and during breakfasts we also had #25.

Since it was already our last day, the boys made the most of their time playing around in the pool.

splashing good time

at the edge of the infinity pool with my boys

this weekend getaway is number 1!

the infinity pool with the pool bar on the right

the infinity pool overlooking the beach. Kiddy pool on the left.

lounging / sleeping

Mom, when are we going to eat our snacks?


hubby's turn to be on the edge...

dad and boys

gimme a close up

After spending a few hours at the pool, we decided to have a walk to visit neighboring resorts on the left side of Nirwana Resort Hotel. We passed by Nirwana Beach Club (formerly known as Mana Mana Beach Club).

a small boulder near the shore

waiting for water sports enthusiasts to show their stuff

at the hotel playground

time for the kids to enjoy non-water adventures

the hotel at night

cooling down before settling in for the night

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