Friday, April 23, 2010

Phuket Dec 2008 - Day 1

I just realized that I haven't posted most of our Phuket trip pics!

Here were some of the moments in the beautiful island.

waiting for our flight. The kids enjoyed this rubbing station (as we call it).

When we arrived at Phuket Airport, we scouted for transportation going to Patong Beach. 
We were able to bargain for a minibus for 1100baht (there were 7 adults and 4 children). 

Our hotel - Patong Lodge Hotel at Kalim Road - was just ok. Nothing too extravagant.
 It had a pool (which we liked) and a restaurant. 
Our rooms had 2 beds, a ref, a tv, tables and chairs, and a bathroom with hot water (of course).

After unpacking our stuff, we headed down to Patong Beach, which was a few minutes walk downhill. 
We passed by a rocky cliff along the way.

Then we looked for a place to have lunch.

Had our lunch at a cafeteria just across Patong Beach. 
Ira collected all of our empty iced tea cans and put them on top of each other.
Just something to let him pass the time so he won't get bored while the others were still eating.

yummy Thai-food! I gained weight after this trip.

After lunch, we walked along Patong Beach. Then headed back to the hotel riding a tuktuk.

For the whole afternoon, we enjoyed the pool as the kids were so eager to jump into it.

yep, we brought our own boat!

trying to stop Ira for a while.

happy to be in the pool

testing our underwater camera. It really works! And the quality is quite good.

he's not drowning, just pretending to be a hippo... a very small hippo

When the kids finally got tired of the water (when their lips turned purple and they were trembling in cold),
we headed to our rooms to sleep for the rest of the afternoon until dinner time.

Late afternoon, we walked back to Patong Beach for dinner, at the same place. 
But not before the kids taking a dip at Patong Beach.

waiting for the sun to really set on the horizon..

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