Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Visit to the Singapore Zoo 2010

It has been quite sometime since we last visited the Zoo (I think it was way back in 2008). This June school holidays was a great chance for us to revisit and check out the new additions and changes to the park.

From our place, we headed to Ang Mo Kio hub and took bus 138 to the zoo. It was around 30 minutes travel time. We arrived at the zoo around 11am and there was already a long queue. Good thing we didn't need to queue for the whole family. But we needed to buy one child ticket since our corporate pass is only good for 4 people :(

at the entrance of the zoo... ticket counter is to the right....
Ira was getting ready to take pictures of the animals to see in the zoo.

first subject, a parrot at the Rainforest Courtyard

a picture of mother and children (yes there are 2 baby monkeys riding mum's back) cotton-top tamarin. 
Latest addition to the zoo family.

This monkey really knows how to pose for the tourists. It was just there when the people were swarming to take pictures. When all the people were gone, it also disappeared!

From the Rainforest Courtyard, we made our way to the Palm Park where the Siamang was supposed to be. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be seen that day. 

We then headed on to see the otters before passing through the Tiger Trek.

walking through the Ttiger trek
This was not a real tiger by the way. The area had a lot of these tiger cardboards.

stopped by to see some gibbons

Passed through Ah Meng Restaurant for bathroom break, then continued on to see the polar bears.

they were sleeping 

We explored Wild Africa, but not after checking out the free ranging orang utan. We were there in time for feeding where the caretaker handed over (through a long stick) some plants to the orang utans. The animals then gathered together for the feast.

At Wild Africa we saw a variety of animals from a big flightless bird to a huge rhinoceros.

we just couldn't pass on getting a picture of this "hairy" bird

the kids taking a break at one of the wash areas which now are everywhere within the zoo.

a couple of rhinos who were about to challenge each other

a baby rhino walking around

while on the viewing area for the cheetah, we saw a dragonfly.
This specific one was the thin-tailed which we call "tutubing karayom" in Filipino.
Ira tried to hold it (or I think it was the dragonfly holding on to him).

the cheetah caught in a very compromising position (guess what it was trying to do)

the giraffe without its long legs

Ira can't get enough of taking the pictures of the animals he saw. Although some of his pictures were blurred, he enjoyed shooting as well as editing his pictures (on-site!).

The kids were eager to see the new Water Park (which I think is the main attraction for most kids). They kept on telling us to take a shorter route so we could reach there faster. 

Finally, after a few more minutes of walking we arrived at the Rainforest KidzWorld. There was a Wild Animal Carousel, a shop, a pony ride and stables, kampung house and a variety of farm animals.

We decided to have lunch first before sending the kids to an afternoon of fun at the waterpark. We were able to find a table with benches under a big umbrella. The queue at KFC was quite long. It's recommended that if you pass by Ah Meng restaurant with less people, better have lunch there. We had a quick lunch and the kids were off to play.

Ira enjoyed the slides

under the big bucket

going up to the slides

taking a shower

they really enjoyed playing 

at the water fountain

finally had enough of water play. It was then snack time and rest time.

The zoo was about to close (it was almost 530pm) but we were not even halfway finished exploring.
The kids saw this play area beside the waterpark and asked for us to check it out.

Ira loved climbing down from this spiral staircase

When they were done with the play area, Kelvin explored the surrounding area and saw this forest adventure place. It had a zip / flying fox.

Kelvin trying the zip

then again....

and again!

Ira was enticed to try the zip as well. We were a bit hesitant at first cause he might not be able to hold on properly. But after strict instructions to cross his legs and hang on tight, he was on his way down the zip line.

he seemed to enjoy it a lot

even tried for several times!

the boys tried all 3 zip lines 

I might as well try it too


then it was daddy's turn....

one last try before leaving

and that was the end of it.

The boys said they wanted to go back and experience the zip again.

saying goodbye to the play area

The zoo was almost deserted. It was really closing time. We made our way looking for the exit. The shortest path from the kidzworld would be through Ah Meng Memorial.

with Ah Meng

We then passed through the Splash Safari to view the penguins (Ira's favorite)

posed with the sealions

Upon reaching the exit, we were not in a rush to take the bus as there were a lot of people waiting. 
We sat in front of Ben & Jerry's for some ice cream.

the kids ordered 2 different flavors of ice cream - chocolate for Kelvin and cookie ice cream (cookies and cream) for Ira.


The trip to the zoo was delightful. The kids enjoyed themselves a lot - seeing the animals and playing in the waterpark.

The Singapore Zoo is located at 80 Mandai Lake and is open daily from 830am to 600pm.

Transportation to the zoo is via 
  • bus 138 from Ang Mo Kio Hub, 
  • bus  927 from Choa Chu Kang MRT Station,  
  • bus 926 (only on Sundays and Public Holidays) from Woodlans MRT station.

Adult tickets cost $18. Children ages 3 to 12 yrs old pay $12.

You have an option to purchase park hopper tickets if you plan to visit the Night Safari and/or Jurong Bird Park. A 2-in-1 ticket costs $32 for adults and $20 for children, while a 3-in-1 ticket costs $45 for adults and $28 for children. Tickets are valid for one month from date of purchase.

Attractions/rides include:
  • Boat Ride 
    • 830am-545pm
    • single trip $5 adults / $3 children
    • return trip $6 adults / $3.50 children
    • 15 minute boat ride 
  • Tram Ride
    • unlimited rides $5 adults / $3 children
    • covers 2.2kms with 3 stops
  • Wild Animal Carousel
    • 900am to 600pm
    • $4 per person
  • Pony Ride
    • 1000am to 500pm
    • $6 per child (3-12yrs old)
  • Horse Carriage Ride
    • 1030am to 500pm
    • $6 per person
  • Elephant Ride
    • 100-200pm, 430-530pm
    • $8 per person

For more details about the zoo, visit www.zoo.com.sg


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