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Wild Wild Wet, Singapore 2010

Who says you need to go out of the country to have fun? We had a blast yesterday when we visited Wild Wild Wet (W3, my own short form). It was a midweek holiday (Teacher's Day) and we got free tickets to the water park. The last time we've been there I think was years ago. 

Since it was a holiday, we wanted to get there early cause we were expecting a big crowd. We took the bus to Pasir Ris Interchange and took another bus to get to Downtown East where 3 is located. You can actually walk from the bus interchange to Downtown East but we didn't want to waste energy and walk under the hot sun.

Downtown East is just a bus stop away from the interchange so we were quite fast. We haven't been there for some time so everything was almost new to us. There were lots of new shops and eating places. As we made our way to W3, we looked for a place to eat breakfast. We stopped at Burger King to grab something to eat.

at the entrance. The kids couldn't wait to get inside.

When we got to W3, there were not really that much people (we were early though). We changed into our swimsuits right away, and put the rest of our stuff in the locker. The locker is $2 and is good for one-time use. We just brought with us some money for lunch and snacks. 

Here's a map of the theme park. We've explored almost all of the rides and attractions except the SkyRider which was not working (I think).

We didn't waste time and plunged in to the first attraction in sight - Yakult Professor's Playground. This is safe for  younger kids as it's only 0.3 metres deep. The simplest description of this area is a playground in a wading pool. There are slides of different heights, some with simple twists and turns. There are ladders, water cannons and fountains for the kids (and kids at heart) to play with. 

Ira posing inside the water spray arch

the water's a bit cold

We were following Ira as he climbed and ran around the playground. We couldn't keep up!
It was such a big play area. There were 2 straight slides (blue and pink) at the back end and 
there were 2 slides with some twists and turns on the left side of the playground. Ira explored 
the area on his own. He had so much fun.

The most awaited event at the playground is when the bucket gets full and splashes 
to the people waiting below. The bell rings as warning that it's almost time for the big splash
then the people start running in front of the playground - the splash zone.

the kids playing around on the way to Shiok River

At first, Ira was hesitant to the Shiok River. I think he was a bit scared of riding the tube. But he got the hang of it after a while.

SHIOK RIVER is 335 metres long and surrounds most part of the water park. There were different tube sizes for people to ride on. The green is for smaller kids, the white is for bigger kids/adults and there is the yellow tandem tube.

Ira loved the tandem tube

it's nice to float around and relax

Kelvin tube-surfing?

drifting away

Ira trying different stunts on the tube

change partners. I think this was already our 3rd or 4th round.


Ira got tired of the tubes after the nth round so he got off the tube and swam.
The current was a bit strong though. He was being pushed forward.

After going around and around the Shiok River, we finally decided to give it a break and go to the next attraction, the TSUNAMI. It gives the experience of being in the sea where there are waves for people to enjoy in the safety of a pool setting. No dangerous currents or sudden dips to worry about. 

waiting for the waves to come

Younger kids can play at the edge of the wave pool as it is shallow enough while the older, more adventurous ones can explore the farther, deeper end of the pool, the better place to enjoy the waves.

Kelvin was confident enough to ride the waves on his own.

There is a sound alarm before they activate the waves. Then the life guards ring the bell as final warning (the better term I think is "call" since people start flocking there once they here the bell). Since there was a long interval between each wave activity, we decided to go to the nearby attraction.

the JACUZZI is a small, shallow pool (about 70 cm) with fluid jets, just as any jacuzzi would have been.
But the waterfall was the more attractive feature for the kids.

Ira loved swimming across the waterfalls, pretending to dive into the water.
As you can see, the water level is only up to his neck.

Kelvin, more serious in his photographs. He liked the big slide rides/attractions better

Next up, was the SLIDE UP - Mark and Kelvin were brave enough to try it this time. They had to carry the tandem tube around 4 storeys up and then ride the tube down on a steep plunge.

Mark and Kelvin on their way to the launch area.

Ira and I waited downstairs while the 2 prepared for the ride of their lives

and down they go!

The lifeguards don't allow others to go near the exit area so I had to take this picture outside the railings.

it was a quick ride. They seemed to enjoy it, but not too much to repeat it :)

I guess it was not that scary since hubby was still able to carry the tube down...
and Kelvin is still smiling.

It was already past 1pm and we got a bit hungry. The kids won't really notice they're hungry unless you ask them They were more concerned about what attraction to try next.

We decided to have Subway sandwich for lunch. Subway has a small shop inside Wild Wild Wet so we didn't need to go out. The kids just breezed through their lunch and were eager to go back to the water. The adults, on the other hand, were more interested in lounging for a while.

back to the wave pool to rest while the kids started playing again

Ira shooting water on passersby who were in the Shiok River

we were back into the tubes at Shiok River after some time.
 This was also a good way to rest, if not for the hot sun.

shower break at the wave pool

We went on the more adventurous rides like the Water Works and Ular-lah.

WATER WORKS is a body slide, high-speed flume ride. I suggest for you to take the yellow, open tube first before the purple, enclosed tube. The purple was scarier cause once you're in, it's total darkness. If you're claustrophobic, it might not be a good ride for you. Kelvin loved the slides that he went on a few slides all by himself. He had more energy climbing the stairs to get to the tubes. And I guess he liked the thrill of sliding down.

Kelvin in one of his slides

ULAR-LAH, on the other hand, is a raft slide. The first one of it's kind in Southeast Asia. It's like going on the rapids. Ira didn't want to ride this the first time we went up earlier in the day. He was so firm to say NO. He was scared and didn't want to admit it. But we were able to talk him into it (or should I say, carry him into the boat) in the afternoon. Then he realized how fun it was and asked us to do it 3 more times!

waiting for our boat. During this time, Ira was still not yet convinced to take the ride.

Ira was trying to get comfy and starting to loosen up a bit.

 now he was enjoying  the ride...

the boys couldn't wait to get back up and go for another ride...

back for another ride... for the 3rd time!

After the last ular-lah ride, it was relaxation time at the wave pool.

cooling down before we head home

the effect of having fun under the sun for the whole day 

the kids were pretty tired at the end of the day. You can see it in their faces.

Wild Wild Wet was a fun experience for all of us. It was a good break from school and work and the usual routine. The kids can't wait to go back there again.

Here are some information about Wild Wild Wet:

Official website

Tickets cost
$15.50 for adults
$10.50 for children (3-12yrs old)
$42.00 for family (2adults and 2 children)
FREE for senior citizens (55yrs old and above)

Opening Hours
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri 1pm - 7pm
Sat, Sun, Gazetted School & Public Holidays 10am - 7pm
Closed on Tuesdays except during Gazetted School & Public Holidays

10-minute walk from Pasir Ris MRT Station
By Bus: 3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 354, 358


  1. Wow!

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  2. Great post! Do check out our coverage of Wild Wild Wet before it's final completion here!

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