Thursday, August 29, 2013

Japan 2013 - Day 10: flying back to Tokyo

So that was it. Our time in Hokkaido was over. We felt sad to leave this beautiful island behind. But we had high hopes of (and will definitely plan for) another trip soon, exploring the northern part of the island, and maybe coming back to the favorite places we've been to (but that is going to be hard to choose).  

we've only explored a small part of Hokkaido, and we will definitely go back for more!

we returned the car and waited for the shuttle bus to the airport

Although it was hard to leave Hokkaido, we did look forward to going back to Tokyo and the one full day we had to explore it, one last time.

After an hour and a half of flying via Airasia, we were back to Tokyo - world's most populous metropolis (even so, the city didn't seem chaotic at all).

on the train to Shinagawa Station
This time we took the Access Express (1460 yen per adult).

Kelvin writing down some of his experiences in the travel notebook I prepared for them, 
while Ira was busy killing time playing on the phone.

we were already familiar with Shinagawa Station (sort of) 
so going to the shuttle bus was easier

We stayed in the same hotel, Toyoko Inn. 

Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa-eki Konan-guchi Tennozu
Shinagawa-ku, Higashishinagawa 2-2-35 Shinagawa Ward
Tokyo 140-0002
Phone: +81-35-715-1045
Family room 3 adult non smoking = 10,980 yen (1night)
excluding 200 yen per person per night tax

Like clockwork, we dumped our baggage in the hotel room, rested for a while, and made our way back to the train tracks. This time, we took the Rinkai Line from Tennozu Isle Station to Tokyo Teleport Station in Odaiba Town. (200 yen per adult, 100 per child)

Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay, is a popular entertainment and shopping district.
this was the first, and most prominent _____ we saw when we got out of the train station

dinner at Lotte Diner - burgers and fries

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