Monday, October 27, 2014

Jeju Island Road Trip Day 2: Dreaming Forest Pension

Our Day 2 road trip ended at Dreaming Forest Pension in Seogwipo. We planned to get there before dark falls as we weren't familiar with the area yet. The place isn't located along the main road but more of a residential area, we were actually not sure if the GPS was bringing us to the right direction. When we saw the sign which pointed us to an uphill road, we were relieved to find a row of accommodations and a small parking lot. We've finally arrived at our destination.

I followed the sign to the office carrying our booking confirmation with me. A middle aged woman came out of one of the houses and greeted me with a smile as she was walking down towards the parking lot expecting our arrival. She had been waiting for us and she said we were the last to check in for the day. She was very friendly, asking us how our trip was and what places we've visited so far. Then she ushered us to where our reserved accommodation was and furnished us with information on the facilities of the place and left us to settle down after I have handed over our payment.

It was a simple accommodation - with a small kitchen, a bathroom with shower, sliding doors which opened up to a living and dining area, a staircase leading to the mezzanine level where two double bed await us. There was also a welcome basket of Korean instant noodles and fresh eggs, compliments of the owners. That was very thoughtful and hospitable of them. We felt at home because it really was more like a house/home than a commercial accommodation. This would be our home for the next three days and we're already loving it.

While the boys settled on the sofa and checked out the wifi and what's on TV, hubby and I opened up the windows that led to a small balcony. The view of nature from the balcony was so refreshing. It was a good feeling to come home to the sight of greenery and the mountain after our afternoon drive across town. The breeze was cooler as night came and we could see from behind the trees the lights from houses and buildings in the city.

We had a quiet dinner in the pension house and a very relaxing evening. The sound of nature - the insects and the quiet breeze - lulled us to sleep.


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