Sunday, October 5, 2014

Seoul-searching: Day 4 of 6

We've done culture and history and modern structures so far. On our fourth day in Seoul, I planned a fun day for the kids and the kids at heart. There were several places that cater to family fun in Seoul but I've narrowed them down to two since we only had six days.

I've heard about Kidzania Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, but not before coming there for a visit so we didn't have the chance to bring the boys there. This time though I'm glad we've heard about it so I was able to incorporate it in our itinerary, one day that's meant for the kids enjoyment in mind.

A visit to Kidzania when you're in Seoul is like a glimpse to the different job opportunities that are available to the working class - kids style. Our kids definitely had a blast going from one job training to another. 


Family entertainment in one big theme park compound. This was scheduled in the late afternoon after our visit to Kidzania. Unfortunately, it was only our boys together with their cousins and my in-laws who had their fun at Lotte World.

Remember our delayed luggage incident? We were informed that delivery will be at 3pm which meant we had to be back to Yongsan to receive our delayed luggage and check the documents that come with it (for insurance purposes). This meant we had to leave the rest of them at Kidzania even before our session finished. We had no choice but to leave the boys with my in laws to enjoy the final hour at Kidzania and meet up with them for early dinner (at least that was the plan) at Lotte World. 

Unfortunately, another set back. We waited at Yongsan Residence for hours from 3pm, and we were informed there would be a delay so we now had to wait till 7pm, and then 8pm. So no more dinner with the others for us. We sent a message to them letting them know that we won't be able to join them at Lotte World after all (bummer!). I felt bad about it because I was also looking forward to this magical theme park everyone was talking about. But I knew the boys would make the most of their time with their cousins anyway. The unfortunate event was actually a blessing in disguise as hubby and I were able to have our much needed time alone and went on a dinner date.

Korean dinner date

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