Friday, November 28, 2014

Jeju Island Road Trip Day 4: ALIVE MUSEUM

Alive Museum is an optical illusion theme park with five optical illusion experiences visitors will love. It's also a night time tourist attraction open till 11pm. Just right for our after dinner activity. We were very excited to see what optical illusions would top the weird and crazy exhibits at Ripley's.

Admission fees were 9,000 won ($10.65) for adults and 7,000 won ($8.28) for children. I'd say this was way cheaper than the Alive Museum in Singapore (which opened in 12 June 2014, while we were still on holiday in Busan) which cost $25 for adults and $20 for children. We saved on this holiday!

So what can you see in this optical illusion theme park? A lot of artistic displays from five art themes which will make you think of the craziest poses you have never done before. We got our gears (smart phones and cameras) ready and took those funny and captivating shots.
Ira befriending this giant soft toy at the lobby. If he could only bring it home....
Trick Art Theme features 3 dimensional paintings which, when viewed in the right location, shows a more realistic touch to them. Some of these were depictions of famous paintings or scenes from popular movies. It was a bit difficult to fit the life-size paintings in the frames of the smart phone cams at first but we got the hang of it after a few tries.
it's just the start and he already got a kick in the face
Objet Art Theme recreates space like magic by introducing scientific principle in living space. Take these pictures as examples:
seems like Ira and hubby were really sailing along Venice Canals?

how did Ira's head magically appear in the middle of this platter of fruits
without seeing his body under the table?
has my son been a reflection of his father now?
Digital Art is where you experience the latest technology involving digital images. This exhibit though was a let down. The projection wasn't working so Ira's artistic ideas which he drew on this screen didn't reflect on the car that was in front of us.

Provence Art takes you to a faraway village in France. With a touch of fairy tale and the presence of life-size character dolls, this depiction of a tranquil village in Southern France was the perfect last stop before we left Alive Museum.
and look, I also made a friend in Provence!
Sculpture Art consist of outdoor exhibits of bronze sculptures and stone statues situated in traditional French garden like that of Versailles Palace. Famous historical figures like Newton, Galileo and Gandhi were in colorful bronze sculptures.
taking us for the ride of our life

Alive Museum late night trolley ride, anyone?
here's wishing for more happy and memorable moments in Jeju Island
Alive Museum, where paintings come alive, where endless illusions entertain your eyes and blow your mind. You have to have your cameras ready because at Alive Museum the optical illusions never stop. You just have to capture every moment. It will definitely provide your family hours and hours of fun (whether it's in the morning, afternoon or night) - 100% guaranteed!

Here are more of our Alive Museum snapshots for you to enjoy: