Friday, January 16, 2015

Thankful for Asian sights and delights in 2014

Another year of family adventure had passed. We are so grateful for the experiences and wonderful memories from each and every new (and old) destination like seeing the beauty of nature and soaking in the rich culture of South Korea as well as Malaysia (blogs coming up). It’s only been a few weeks or months and we’re already missing some of the places we’ve visited this year.

For now I will keep myself busy with documenting our travels by making scrapbooks (in addition to updating my blogs). I have been putting it on hold for some time now and I have accumulated tons of photos and memorabilia waiting to be brought out of the box and made into (hopefully) meaningful travel memoir. Watch out for them. I will be posting some pages here once I’m done with them. I’ve always envisioned sitting in the living room browsing pages of the family scrapbook with the boys and reminiscing the moments captured in those photos.

As we bid goodbye to this chapter of our family travel, we look back at all the laughter and the drama, the fascinations and grumblings, the patience and frustrations, and all the experiences shared with each other. And I look forward to whatever travel possibilities that await us.

This 2015, I wish everyone safe travels. Go see the world and tick that special place off your bucket list!

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