Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 3 - Albany, Western Australia (March 2006)

Another early morning in preparation for another long drive (around 530kms) to Albany.

Pre-departure photo early in the morning, while the kids were still sleeping, around 7am.

this was our simple villa

After waking up the kids, we were on our way to Albany.

From Albany
We stopped for a photoshoot in the main highway to show how far we still need to drive to Albany. A car pulled over to ask if we needed any help with something. Nice folks, aren't they?

We stopped by at Ravensthorpe to buy some snacks as the kids were already hungry.

photo op before going inside the grocery

The kids had their snacks while driving to Two Peoples Bay National Park - around 24kms before Albany town centre.

The Visitor Centre had a good audiovisual exhibit of what animals can be found in the park

Then we drove to the nearest bay area where the kids played with sand and water for a while. The water was cold - and it was not because it was still too early in the morning. 
Ira doing his morning taiji exercise

Kelvin wanted to stay longer in this bay but we still had a few more stops within the park. He was groaning and throwing his slippers on the way to the carpark. We told him the other bay was better and he could play and take a dip there. 

The next stop was indeed a better location. The sand was cleaner (no sticks or leaves scattered everywhere) and water was crystal clear. The only downside - it was freezing cold.

Ira, just learning to walk, was rushing to towards the beach

From Albany
Isn't it obvious how excited the kids were to take a dip in the water???

From Albany
if only we could take advantage of this beautiful beach without suffering from hypothermia....

From Albany
final picture before leaving Two Peoples Bay

We wanted to stay there the whole night if only we could. But it looked quite dangerous - us sharing the wilderness with wild animals. We savoured the last few moments we spent there, and geared up for the last leg of today's journey.

Few minutes more and we were checking in at our hotel - Country Manor Inn. It was located just along the main hway. Very easy to find.

Our room had 2 beds and we were able to book a cot for Ira. It had the common hotel/motel room amenities - tables, chairs, small tv. 

Day 4...

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