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Day 6 - Margaret River and Busselton, Western Australia (March 2006)

It was good to wake up with a fine cool weather. We needed that to energize us on our 200-km drive to Busselton and Margaret River area which was a mixture of nature and gastronomy (with all the yummy chocolates and some vineyards along the way).

just outside our hotel room, before checking out

walked to the Beedelup Falls

there wasn't much in there

it was a bit cold....

After visiting the falls (with much disappointment) we continued our long journey to Margaret River. We listed a few stops on the way.

First one was the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.

we are almost there... we can see the lighthouse

we were trying to recreate a photo Kelvin had when we visited Yosemite National Park in California

we finally arrived...
This is where the 2 oceans meet - the Southern Ocean and the Indian Ocean

Then we walked inside to get close to the lighthouse. It was quite a windy day. We had to walk carefully and slowly pushed the stroller. Ira was a bit scared the stroller might topple down.

There was a souvenir shop on the way to the lighthouse. 
We bought a magnet for me and a snowball for hubby

CAPE LEEUWIN LIGHTHOUSE. The most south-westerly mainland point of the Australian Continent, in the state of Western Australia.

We weren't able to get good photos just in front of the lighthouse itself because of the breeze. We had to hide on the walls beside the door so we won't be blown away to the ocean (literally!).

Next stop was Lake Cave.

LAKE CAVE TOURIST CENTRE. There were exhibits pertaining to cave formations.

We had lunch here. Surprisingly, they had chicken curry in the menu. We ordered one and then some hotdogs for the kids.

From Busselton, Margaret River
entrance to LAKE CAVE. We did not go to the cave. It would be quite difficult to bring the stroller down the steep staircase. And it would even be more difficult to carry Ira the whole time during the tour - in the cave.

Souvenir from this place was a trifold wallet.

what we had for lunch??? chicken curry and some hotdogs for the kids

On the way to the Chocolate Factory, we passed by some vineyards. 
just checking if the grapes are ready for harvest 

MARGARET RIVER CHOCOLATE FACTORY - have been making award-winning chocolate products since
We went out and snuck out some chocolate tidbits, and went back in to get more!!! Hey, it's free! They have a big bowl of mini chocolate tear drop shapes. Inside, you could also see the process of how they make chocolates into different shapes and sizes.

this was us sneaking out of the factory with palms full of chocolates

our second helping of chocolates

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

Our last stop for the day, Bunbury. We dropped by to see Busselton Jetty before checking in to the hotel.

From Busselton, Margaret River
BUSSELTON JETTY - the longest wooden jetty (pier) in the southern hemisphere,stretching almost 2 km out to sea from the town of Busselton, Western Australia.

For dinner, we had Chinese food.

Day 7...

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