Friday, January 1, 2010

NZ 2009 Day 15 - Auckland

Final day at Rotorua. We checked out around 10am.

goodbye, Sudima Hotel. Thanks for the memories.

I did some window shopping at the Jade Factory and bought 2 pairs of earrings (1 paua shell and 1 jade) while the boys were at the parking lot, chasing birds.

After that, we made our way back to Auckland. We decided to drive by Dress Smart Factory Outlet to check some of their sale items. After going around the mall for 3 times, I didn't find anything really interesting and cheap that I couldn't get in Singapore.

We then headed to One Tree Hill via Cornwall Park. We went around the main road surrounding the park TWICE because the first entrance did not have the way going up to the hill. The gate was closed so we had to take a different entrance. The drive up to the hill was quite steep. There were people walking and some were riding a bike to the top.

From Auckland
a 182 metre volcanic peak and an important memorial place for both Māori and other New Zealanders. It was a winding road up to the top of the hill where the monument was.

From Auckland
view of the city from One Tree Hill

the Sky Tower from afar

a closer look into the Sky Tower

can't remember what these were called, but we saw these rolled hay at the foot of the hill. 
They looked like one of the challenges done in the Amazing Race.

After a breath-taking view of the city we drove to Auckland Domain.

Auckland Domain - Auckland's oldest park. One of the largest in the city (75hectares).
From Auckland
It is home to the Auckland Museum

From Auckland
playing around at the park

After Auckland Domain, we drove past Parnell Village hoping to stop by for some shopping but we didn't really see any shops from the main road and there were not much parking space. We decided to head to the hotel instead.

Dinner around 9pm at the same Chinese restaurant near the hotel. We had Yong Chow Fried rice and spicy beef. Big serving!

We were just in time for the last admission at the Skytower (10pm).  Ira and Kelvin had been asking for us to go up the tower since we arrived in Auckland.

From Auckland
the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand at 328metres

Skytower taken from different angles

From Auckland
at the Observatory Deck of the Skytower.

views from the Skydeck.

the most we could do given the situation

around 1030pm, on our way out of the building.

walking around at the casino area (not inside)

DAY 16

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