Monday, April 26, 2010

Genting Highlands in 2003

(warning: some information is a bit blur to me now so please bear with me. This was written few years too late)

Short-weekend trip to Genting Highlands with the family and sis-in-law.

We took a very cheap tour package - return coach to Genting, one night First World Hotel accommodation with breakfast, cable car ride to bus terminal.

The bus trip took more than 6 hours. We had 2 stops on the way. One was at Yin something, and somewhere in KL.

When we finally arrived in Genting, it was a bit chilly (we were high up in the mountains, right). We headed to our hotel, only to find out that there was a VERY LONG queue for check ins. There was no way we were gonna get a room in just 15minutes. So we asked around on where we could leave our small luggage (for overnight only). We decided we could leave our things behind while we walk around the premises. We went to see the amusement park and the mini vegas style attractions of sorts. Had lunch at a fast food. And then headed back to the hotel reception to check in. Good thing the queue was shorter this time. We got our room keys, unpacked our things and headed back to where the action was - at the amusement park.

We took a ride at this hanging gondola. Looked at the roller coaster inside. Tried our hands at archery.
We were not able to go to the amusement park outside because the weather was not good. Too bad.

After a long day of travelling and going around the hotel and amusement areas, it was time for us to settle for the night.

The next day, we had a sumptuous buffet breakfast. Kelvin couldn't decide what to eat. He had fruits, cereals, bread, sausages and milk.

After breakfast, we did our final rounds on the attractions and got ready for the cablecar ride down to the bus terminal.
The cablecar ride was a bit frightening but at the same time exciting. It was a long ride down to the bus terminal. 

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