Monday, April 26, 2010

Henderson Waves (Nov 2009)

on our way to Henderson Waves. It was quite a long walk

One weekend in November 2009, we went to Henderson Waves to try out hubby's 500D. It was also a "dry-run" of our New Zealand trip (in terms of who is in charge of what - camera/camcorder).

We went to Harbourfront to ride bus which goes to Mt Faber. From there, we walked down to Henderson Waves.

274 metre-long pedestrian bridge that spans Henderson Road to connect Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. At 36m above Henderson Road, Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

Distance: 0.3 km
Difficulty level: easy
Walking Time: 5 mins

still not yet there...

short top to throw litter


this is the entrance to the Henderson Waves

the boys making their way to the bridge

which way????

Henderson Waves

trying to get a good shot of the bridge

the boys running around the bridge. They liked the sloping sides.

they were pretending to skateboard

other people were also there to enjoy the view and the nature. 
But sometimes nature can be quite cruel. This monkey was caught stealing these teens' food!

Beware of monkeys. They climb up to the bridge. They can be quite aggressive - stealing people's food. During our visit, one teenager left a plastic of chips lying around and the small monkey snatched it! Some of the monkeys also run after small kids.

the monkey enjoying his loot

there was also a baby monkey. So cute!

the little monkey was quite playful. He was swinging around the bars. 
He also approaches passersby

watching over the little monkey. This one was quite protective of the little monkey.
Attack is imminent once it felt the little one was in danger.

the little monkey playing with the stroller wheels

Before the situation got worse, we walked to the end of the bridge and continued our journey to the forest connecting the bridge to the Alexandria Bridge.

some birds we saw along the way

nature treetop walk

already tired from the long walk

still able to smile...

some of the species of plants that can be seen from the nature walk trail

Kelvin trying his hands on the new camera

so sweet!

We were making our way towards the end of the nature walk (going down to the street level) when we saw this banana tree.

finally, the end of our long nature walk.

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