Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 8 - Bangkok, Thailand (2006)

Our last 2 days in Thailand. We checked out from Novotel Bang-na and transferred to Bangkok Palace near the city centre. Then we headed to Chatuchak Market to see what the fuzz was all about. They said this is the place to be if you wanted to get good, cheap stuff so I was quite excited to go shopping.

We took the cab to Chatuchak. When we arrived there, we saw this massive market we weren't sure where to start. We walked around to check if we could see anything interesting to buy.

the busy market street

stopped by to get a drink

While the boys were outside trying to cool down, I was busy shopping for cheap clothes.

But some of the clothes weren't really that cheap. We saw some sleeveless tops that go for around $5-$6 (converted rate), well I could get a branded (Hang Ten) top for the same price in Singapore.

I was choosing between the dress and the skorts. I ended up buying the skorts for 250 baht.

We were also able to buy wooden elephants at 100 baht for 4 pieces, a slightly bigger elephant for 100baht, and an elephant spag strap for me 240baht.

For travellers with kids, I don't really recommend bringing the kids over. It's really hot and the place is really crowded. Our kids had to experience this though. Once is enough, won't do it again :)

After Chatuchak, we headed to MBK (Mah Boon Krong) to compare prices (yep we did). We found out some of the shirts there are even cheaper than in Chatuchak. And it's aircon :)

last minute shopping for "pasalubong" - something to give to friends back home

our checking out family pic

and another one...

Then we were off to the airport. We took a cab and paid 170baht.

Ira walking around the plane

thinking of something crazy????

we're almost home!

Our Bangkok holiday is over. We had fun especially during the Kanchanaburi tour. Will probably explore other parts of Thailand next time.

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