Friday, November 7, 2014

Jeju Island Road Trip Day 3: JEONGBANG FALLS (where fresh meets ocean water)

Who wouldn't be enticed wading in the waters of the only waterfalls in Asia that falls directly into the ocean? We definitely wanted to bring the boys over and have their say about this world famous natural wonder. So on our third day on the road we had Jeongbang Falls in our itinerary. 

There was an admission fee of 2,000 won ($2.37) for adults and 1,000 won ($1.18) for children. After paying for our tickets, we made our way down to the foot of the falls. From about 23m (height of the waterfalls), we descended thru steep steps and walked over boulders (some slippery and sharp). It was an adventure on its own just getting to the front of the waterfalls and Ira enjoyed zigzagging through the rocks. He even went closer to the big wall of rock before heading down to the water.
they took a detour on the way down
We could feel the spray of water coming from the falls as we walked closer to it. And I could feel Ira's eagerness to get into the water. The boys couldn't wait to take their shoes off and dip their feet into the water. They weren't that much bothered by the freezing cold temperature of the water at all. They threw pebbles, splashed at each other, and walked closer to the falls where they got sprayed. In no time, Ira and Kelvin were almost soaking wet.
testing the waters as we reached the falls
we got as close as we could get to the falls....

We took as many family and individual photos as we could before the crowd of tourists arrive. Then we just watched as the boys took their time playing and having fun in the water. They said it was one of the best places we've visited by far and they didn't really want to leave, specially Ira. We spent a little over an hour just admiring nature and watching the boys as they savored the time they had at Jeongbang Falls.

happy as can be with nature
Our boys are really very easy to please when we're travelling. As long as there is a body of water in sight or a nature trail to follow they are good to go. Jeongbang Falls is another must-see attraction to add to your list of places to see in Jeju Island. That's one tick off our travel bucket list.

Here's more photos of our visit to Jeongbang Falls:
chillaxing as tourists came in droves
took a selfie before the others get into the picture
brave enough to climb close to the big wall of rock and up into that boulder.
Yep, he is enjoying the outdoors so much.

inviting as it may be, this freezing cold water kept most of us tourists at bay
but not without dipping our feet for a few seconds or so

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