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Hong Kong Disneyland (2011)

Another chance to live our childhood dreams - the second time this year! First was at Paris Disneyland. Now, it's at Hong Kong Disneyland. 

When we went to Hong Kong in 2002 Disneyland wasn't here yet. We were looking forward to this visit because they just opened the Toy Storyland. Something they didn't have in Paris.

Hong Kong Disneyland was just a short train ride away. Two train stops to be exact. That's why my niece and nephew were Disney fanatics. I think they can even go there on their own! They are ages 8 and 3 by the way.

Our hosts already bought the tickets before we arrived in Hong Kong, so we got a good deal. And since we already had the tickets we cut the queue time and walked straight to the entrance.

the classic Mickey welcome garden landscape

of course, it wouldn't be a Disney visit without a photo taken with this landscape

Christmas decorations along Main Street USA

when we arrived, it was just in time for the Toy-rrific Street Party.
We found vacant spots along Main Street USA and sat there to watch the parade.

main attraction of course was Mickey, dressed as santa

soldier Goofy

gingerbread men and candycan men dancing on the street

Minnie Mouse as a ballerina on a giant music box,
together with street ballerinas

i love Donald's xmas tree outfit

It was a great way to start the day exploring Disneyland.
We were all pumped up and ready to go.

making our way to the castle entrance

"5" on the castle entrance symbolizes Disney HongKong's 5th anniversary

Ira trying to turn wheel that supposedly raises the bridge of the castle

first on our list was Toy Storyland. It's going to be packed in the latter part of the day so we wanted to make sure we finish that section first.

remote control car

queuing up for our first ride of the day

can't wait to ride Slinky

first glimpse of Slinky - the roller coaster ride

visitors were given "bones"as boarding passes ("barking pass")

showing off his "barking pass"

Finally, it was our turn to take the ride.
riders ready...
first couple in...

second couple in...

here we go!

It was a fun ride, good for both adults and children. The ride went faster every turn, and then up and down. It was not so much worth queuing that long for, but since it was Disney's first it was good to be able to try it.

after Slinky, we walked around to see what else was at Toy Storyland. The kids found this giant walkie talkie next to the soldiers area.

at the entrance of Toy Storyland was Woody and the gang

Next stop,
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

The kids were really good at this, getting up to thousands in their final scores. 
As for me, well I'm just starting to get the hang of it.

a "moving" trashcan

a great place to keep the kids busy for a long time

water fun park

they didn't seem to mind the cold weather

Winnie The Pooh ride... all of us inside the buckets of honey

Mark and Ira coming out from Space Mountain.
We convinced Ira to try the ride after Mark and I got into it. No one else wanted to ride. My niece experienced riding it before but she got traumatized (it was really dark inside).  Ira was the only brave soul who was adventurous enough to give it a go.

after the ride, he was still smiling. But deep inside he was a bit trembling. I actually carried him when I saw him. But when we were walking close to the rest of the group he said I should put him down so they won't know he was a bit scared.

while waiting for the second parade of the day,
the kids were given stickers by the parade marshals

lucky us, there was still a vacant bench

figuring out what to do after the parade

featured family for the day
They opened up the parade

followed by the balloon vendors :)

the kids eagerly waiting for the parade floats

Flights of Fantasy parade headed by Dumbo

Mickey and the gang on a hot air balloon of sorts

a glimpse of Mickey.
Although we weren't here for the opening of Hong Kong Disney, 
we sure are glad we were here now to celebrate its 5th anniversary.

dancers in front of Mickey's float

Minnie and Goofy together with Pluto and Daisy

The stars of Hundred Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh on a honey pot float

the Princesses of Disney

another group of street dancers, heading the African-themed segment of the parade
the classics

a hula dancer


Toy Story


plastic soldiers came to life!

After watching the parade, we walked to our next attraction, which was a musical play in the Lion's Den. It was yet another long queue. We waited for probably half an hour or so. And when the doors finally opened it was almost chaos! People started running. So if you bring kids along, make sure you are either carrying them or holding their hands tight.

We chose  middle seats so we had a good view of the stage below.
The show featured Simba and the rest of the Lion King gang. There was singing, dancing, prancing...

and even fire dancing! We were already a bit far from the stage but we could feel the heat!

on our way to It's A Small World attraction. There were chinese girls who asked Kelvin to take their picture. After doing so, Kelvin was asked (rather pushed by his Tito Arvin) to have a picture taken with them!

all prepared to go around the world

We let the kids guess which part of the country we were sailing on along the way

when we got out, it was already dark.

Ira wasn't in the mood for a photograph. He was more interested on getting to the next attraction.

Finally, autopia!
the only time where I can drive a car :) without a license

Ira was a bit hesitant to take this ride because of the traumatic experience in Paris (the car he was driving stalled a few meters from the starting line). Good this time he was able to get to the finish line with no problems at all.

waiting for a train to make the final tour around Disney before the fire works start

people gathered in front of the castle to wait for the fire workds

we came early to get a good spot. We had to endure the cold weather though.
Before the fire works started there was some commotion going on in front. Everyone
was curious about it. Then we realized there was a guy proposing to a girl!
What an unusual place to profess love.

the spotlights were in position... everyone was eagerly awaiting...

colorful fireworks display followed

the finale

it was a fun-filled day at Disney HK

on-board the Disney Express

even the handles are Mickey Mouse-inspired!

on our way home

sleepy head

Two Disney Themeparks in a year. Now that's definitely more than a childhood dream coming true. Next stop, Disney U.S.A. Which one should it be?

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