Friday, November 21, 2014

Jeju Island Road Trip Day 4: JUSANGJEOLLI CLIFF

A designated cultural monument of Jeju Island, these stone pillars can be seen along the Jisatgae Coast. The Jusangjeolli stone pillars were formed when Mt Hallasan erupted into the sea of Jungmun. If you look closely you can see that these stone pillars are usually hexagonal in shape nad looks like they were carved by stonemasons. 

Before we could have a glimpse of this natural formation, we paid an admission fee of 2,000 won ($2.37) per adult and 1,000 won ($1.18) per child. From the ticket office, we walked through a wooden pathway that led to a viewing deck where tourists congregate to ogle at these imposing stone pillars.
We stood there in awe of the breathtaking view not only for the inviting turquoise water surrounding the stone pillars but at how almost uniformly the pillars were formed. If it weren't for the posters with scientific explanations, we would have concluded that they were mechanically built.  
taken at the viewing deck overlooking the stone pillars

taking a break away from the crowd but still under the scorching hot sun
a closer look into the stone pillars
on the left side of the viewing deck is another set of stone pillars
After taking in as much as we could of the Jusangjeolli Cliff, we walked back to the main park and strolled around. There were several sitting areas but not much of shade. We realized we were actually close to ICC Jeju where one of the island's duty free shops was located. Unfortunately, we couldn't access it from there and had to walk back to the car park.

On our way back we passed by a stamping station (for those who took the Olle walking trails). We didn't pass up on the opportunity to have at least one of the stamps so I brought my mini notebook out and Ira did the stamping. 

Jeju Olle Route 08 stamped on my notebook
Closer to the main gate of the Jusangjeolli Cliff was this giant shell which was perfect for a photo op. It was attracting a lot of attention so taking a photo with it meant we had to wait for our turn. Good thing there were only 3 of us during that time.
queen of the seashells?
While hubby was taking my picture with this shell, the boys walked around on their own. We were wondering where they were because we couldn't see them around the area but when we called out for them we could hear them shouting back and laughing. Apparently, they found this old playground with monkey bars behind the bushes.
do we go for a walk that way or this way?
Before leaving the place, Ira saw this sign post which was supposed to guide those taking the Olle trails. It pointed 0.8kms away following the walking path from the play area to the mountains, and 0.5kms on the opposite direction going to the park we've just been to. Nah, we're just not up to the challenge that morning. That would mean 1.6kms return trip. We didn't bring enough snacks to last us that long.

Travel tips:

  • Bring a hat, a pair of sunglasses and some sunblock if you're visiting during summer. It can get really hot and you wouldn't want to have sunburn.
  • If you plan on taking one of the Olle Trails nearby, wear proper walking gear and bring enough water and snacks to sustain you throughout the walk. Don't forget to bring a notebook for the Olle Route stamps, too.

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