Monday, December 8, 2014

Jeju Island Attractions useful GPS / phone numbers

Going to the different places around Jeju Island is much easier with the help of GPS. In Jeju you can input the seven digit telephone numbers of certain attractions into the car GPS and it will lead you to your destination. I found out during my research that some attractions have different numbers listed in different sources so it was a challenge to choose which numbers would give the correct location. What I did was compare the numbers and list down the ones which appeared more than once in several resources. Every day on our road trip I would input the numbers and then check from the map if the location indicated was where exactly the place was. Of course, for me to know if the location was correct I had to have prior knowledge of the attractions' locations by marking them on my own map (google map as well as paper map).  

As promised, here is the list attractions at Jeju Island with their phone numbers which we used in our car GPS.

Gimnyeong Maze Park            782-9266
Manjanggul Cave                     783-4818
Seopjikoji                                 782-0080
Gimnyeong Seonsegi Beach   783-3001
Samyang Black Sand Beach   755-4686
Yongduam Rock                      728-3918
Mysterious Road                     712-6988 (Loveland, which is close to Mysterious Road)
Sangamburi Crater                  783-9900
Ecoland                                   802-8020
Oedolgae Rock                       760-3032
Cheonjiyeon Falls                   733-1528 / 760-6301 (near port)
Jeongbang Falls                     733-1530
Saeseom                                760-2501
Jusangjeolli                             738-1532
ICC Jeju JTO Duty Free         780-7600
Cheonjeyeon Falls                  738-1529
Hwasun Geummorae Beach   760-4373
Alive Museum                         805-0888
Belive it or not museum          738-3003
Mt Sanbangsan                      794-2940
Chocolate Museum                792-3121
Heopjae Beach                      728-7672
Iho Taewoo Beach                 743-2084 (building close to the beach)

For some of the attractions which didn't have phone numbers for GPS use, we had to check which other attractions were nearby and just looked around for sign posts. For most of the attractions, there were big sign boards to guide visitors to the locations.

I still advise you to check updated sources / brochures / maps in case there are any changes in the phone numbers used by the attractions, and to be familiar with the map of the island and where the attractions are located.

Happy Jeju island driving!

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