Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Barely Busan in 3 days (May/June 2014)

It was not until the 12th day of our South Korea holiday when we went back to Busan. We flew from Jeju Island via Jeju Air. We left Jeju Island in the afternoon (and spent the last few hours soaking in the island breeze) and arrived early evening in Busan (which gave us some time to stroll by the beach before we dozed off), after a short delay (10mins wasn't that bad). We stayed for 3 nights and had 2 full days to see some of Busan's sights. That wasn't enough time to really see most of Busan's attractions, thus the title Barely Busan. I just had to make the most of our stay there by choosing the attractions I knew our family would be interested in and enjoy the best.

Day 1 @ night: walked to Haeundae Beach. The beach was bare, still in the early stages of preparation for summer beach opening. We had the country's most famous beach all for ourselves.... almost (as other people starting appearing a few minutes after we arrived).

Day 2
Morning: We took the train and then bus to Taejongdae Park and took a ride on the Danubi Train. This was one of the recommended attractions and experiences and I have to say I would recommend it, too!

overlooking Gamcheon Village from Jagalchi
Afternoon: Took the bus back to Jagalchi area and walked to the Jagalchi Market and nearby areas. We were supposed to go to Gamcheon Village but we took more than the time expected to spend at Taejongdae Park so we decided to visit the village the following day instead.

Later afternoon till night: A long train and bus ride to Dadaepo Beach to catch a glimpse of a breathtaking sunset and musical fountain show by the beach (so it said in the brochures).

Morning: visited the world's largest shopping complex, Shinsegae Centum City, for very late breakfast and also to see how big this shopping complex really was.

Afternoon: We travelled all the way back to Jagalchi and took a bus to visit Gamcheon Cultural Village. I'm glad we decided to postpone our visit to the following day that way we had more time to explore this artistic, history-filled, beautiful place. I'd say we could go back here again!

Day 4: Our last day in Busan. It was an early departure so technically it cannot be counted as a day. But I guess that was a good move to get an early flight. It gave us no time to be so emotional about leaving an amazing country like South Korea.

We will be coming back for more..... definitely!

Additional itinerary suggestions
Here were some of the other attractions on our list, but due to bad weather or lack of time, we weren't able to visit them:
  • Gwangalli Beach - famous for its fine sand 
  • Gwangan Bridge / Diamond Bridge - a must-see specially at night for the illuminating lights (unfortunately, it was raining on the night we were supposed to go there, tough luck!)
  • Dongbaekseom Island - beautiful natural landscape 
  • Nurimaru APEC house 
  • Heosimcheong Spa - claims to be the largest hot spring spa in Asia
  • Jump Comic Martial Arts Performance