Friday, December 5, 2014

Jeju Island Road Trip Day 5: IHO TAEWO BEACH

Our last stop before heading back to Jeju December Hotel for our final night in Jeju Island was Iho Taewo Beach. I included this spot in our itinerary not for the sand nor the beach but for its peculiar lighthouses - big horse-shaped structures, and not only one but two!

We drove into this huge parking lot (and I mean HUGE) which looked like it was either for a big shopping mall or an airport. That's how big it was. We had to drive in from the main road all the way to the end of the parking lot close to the water. We've spotted several slots for tour buses so I guess a big crowd of tourists and locals gathers here during summer season to enjoy the view and the many activities at the beach. During our visit though, there were only 3 cars parked there including ours. This meant we would have a good view of the lighthouses and won't be fighting for space when we took pictures of it and with it.
The boys were enjoying the comfort of the car and having been lulled to sleep by the drive from Hyeopjae Beach, they weren't keen on walking around the area with us. We parked close to where the first light house was so we could still see the car (and the boys) as we walked closer to one of the lighthouses. There were two families who were having a picnic while waiting for the fathers or uncles to bring back their catch from the beach. One family even had a portable stove with them to grill/cook whatever fish they caught. There were also some people putting on their wet suits getting ready to go diving somewhere.

We walked to the red lighthouse as it was the one closer to our parking spot. The horse-shaped lighthouse had it's behind facing the open seas while the front was facing the parking lot. Visitors can go up to the back of the horse-structure to have a view of the vast ocean, unfortunately, the access door was closed when we were there. We could only go under it and walk around it but not climb it.
Constructing lighthouses in the shape of a horse added to the allure of this beach which was the closest to Jeju City. I don't think we could ever see another one of this kind. Have you ever visited other lighthouses of peculiar shape? 

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