Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jeju Island Road Trip Day 6: Farewell, Jeju Island

Our last day in Jeju Island and there were still a lot of places we wished we could have squeezed into our itinerary. For an island this small Jeju Island does have a wide variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy and keep coming back for. We had one more island attraction that we had to drive to before we head to the airport for our afternoon flight to Busan.

Yongduam Rock was famous for its supposed dragon head-like shape. We looked for a parking spot where we could walk and take a closer look at the rock. We found a spot in front of the last dolharubang we've taken photo with on this trip. 
There was a marked path going down steep steps to get a better view of the rock. We didn't go any further down though but just took a glimpse of the rock from the top. We weren't really that impressed with it considering it was one of the island's most famous attractions. We couldn't even see the resemblance to a dragon's head. Let's say we were quite disappointed but that doesn't diminish our admiration for this island.
Since our flight was still a few hours away and the airport wasn't that far from the city, we decided we would make use of our time for a final drive around the island closer to the coast. We found a spot overlooking the rocky coast where several cars were parked. The spot looked like a good place for us to just sit by the road and soak in the cool ocean breeze. That's actually what the other people were doing - just sitting in their cars, resting, reading a book, chatting. There were several eating places across the road in case we got hungry food was just a few feet away.
We savored our final minutes / hours just sitting there, talking about the wonderful time we had at Jeju Island. We had a very relaxing time even though we drove around the whole island in just 6 days. The road trip we envisioned we got to live up to. We felt sad that we were already leaving. One week was not enough. We were actually already talking about when we could go back! That's how much we loved our Jeju Island holiday.

Beaches, check!
Dolharubang, check!
Haenyo, check!
Cave exploration, check!
Museums, check!
Jeju Island chocolate, check!
Grilled black pig, check!
Super fun, unforgettable road trip with our boys, check!

Now, we're off to fly to Busan the last leg of our South Korea holiday.

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