Wednesday, May 13, 2015


As kids who grew up in the city, a visit to a fruit farm with lots of open spaces and a variety of tropical fruit trees, some of which they haven’t seen before, gave them an insight on what the “outside” world is like other than tall buildings.

Mardi Agrotechnology Park is an agriculture tourist destination in the island of Langkawi, with a panoramic view of Gunung Raya hillside tropical forest. 

An improvised sight-seeing/farm tour shuttle brought us around the park. I thought this added to the overall experience. As the park was located along a hillside, we were like on a roller coaster as the truck went up and down the hill. The kids were laughing and the adults were hanging on to the handle bars.

The first pit stop was the fruit tasting corner where a buffet of tropical fruits awaited visitors to the park. There were tables and chairs where visitors can eat and relax and soak in the fresh air and enjoy the fruits. There was also a small store selling fruit magnets. I was tempted to get one for myself but with so many fruit designs to choose from I ended up bringing home nothing. It was just too difficult to pick just one.

this is what our farm tour shuttle looked like
wide variety of tropical fruits served up - watermelon, melon, starfruit, pineapple etc
Sweet fruits and the whole family - it's an instant family picnic!

After the tropical fruits tasting, we still had time to get close to some of the fruit trees nearby and take some interesting photos with the help of our tour guide.


can you guess what we are up to in these photos?


these wacky photos were all ideas of our tour guide

After the sumptuous tropical fruits feast, we all boarded the farm tour shuttle to see the other fruit trees and areas in the park. We stopped by the jack fruit trees to take a photo with this apparently very famous jack fruit. Can you make out the face? It even has its own pair of sunglasses!


guess how this picture ended up looking

We made about two or three more stops in the park which brought us to some banana plantation and pomegranate tasting.
the kids were given these grasshoppers made by the tour guide out of coconut leaves

looking closely into his childhood favorite fruit

a leisurely walk around the park can be very calming

couldn't pass up the opportunity of taking a photo of this sign 
as we came to the end of the park tour

Within the park there were several huts and benches where visitors can spend their time admiring the view of the pond or the trees or the hills. Visitors can also have a picnic and soak in the fresh atmosphere of being in a farm. These simple things kids from the city seldom enjoy. I'm glad we were able to bring the kids to this place even just for a few hours.

Mardi Langkawi Agrotechnology Park fast facts

  • Address: 07000 Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia
  • Tel: 04-953-2551
  • Fax: 04-955-3991
  • Email:
  • Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday, 830am-5pm
  • Admission fee: RM25 for adults, RM10 for children


  1. Hi! May i know about how long did the tour lasted? :)

    1. Hi Nur Sarah. The tour is about an hour.


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