Monday, May 11, 2015


There are several beaches to choose from in Langkawi and on our first morning there we headed to the one that was highly recommended. Dubbed as Malaysia’s most developed west coast beach, Pantai Cenang Beach is where most of the happening is within reach. It was a bit of a gloomy morning when we were there. We may not have enjoyed the sun that much but nothing could stop us (specially the kids) from enjoying the sea and sand.

Located along Pantai Cenang Beach are several international and local eating places as well as a variety of resorts to choose from. A shopping complex was just across the street with McDonalds and Subway and other cafes to choose from in addition to the local shops along the beach. No one would go hungry in that area. There are also several small shops along the road, in case someone is in need of beach attires, shirts, slippers and even snorkeling gears. 

If lounging on the beach, swimming, going for water sports and island-hopping is still not enough, Underwater World Langkawi and Rice Garden Museum are just within a few kilometers away. For that morning though, all we wanted to do was to get a lounge chair, soak up the sun as it came out in the late morning while watching the kids play in the sand and bob in and out of the water.

Water sports facilities just started rolling in when we arrived. There were several people offering water sports activities like jet skiing and banana boat rides. We inquired and compared prices. We dealt with this very friendly Langkawi local who offered us jetski and banana boat rides for a small discount. 

Here were some of our photos with our selected water sports.

my 3 guys couldn't wait to get into the jetski
gotta squeeze Ira in the middle for safety
and out they went into the open sea

my boys took turns driving the jetski 
and my husband took photos to show me when they came back to shore

The jetski ride was about 30 minutes long. It seemed like a long wait for me specially when we couldn't see them anymore from where we were standing. The drove all the way out to sea towards the outer limits allowed for jetskis.

Here were our group photos during our banana boat ride. The kids were so much braver that I was, I had to admit. They were happily bouncing up and down the rubber boat while I clung to the ropes as tightly as I could.





The banana boat ride brought us further along where there were less people in the beach. After a few rounds, we were brought back to our starting point and the kids just jumped into the water even if we were still a few meters away from shore. Talk about being fearless!

We were still hoping to go on an island-hopping adventure but due to bad weather it wasn't advisable due to safety concerns. No island-hopping for this trip. Which meant we will probably be seeing Langkawi again to explore it's surrounding islands.

Travel tips:
  • If you come in a big group try to get a good bargain. It may not be as much as RM100 but a discount is still a discount.
  • We rented sports facilities from HMI Water Sports which was managed by Abah. Contact number 012-584 6199. We were able to negotiate a bit for the water sports facilities we chose. He was also nice enough to let us use his handphone to call the van driver to pick us up after our beach getaway.
    • We got our banana boat ride for RM70 (for 7 persons)
    • Jet Ski rides for RM120 for 30 mins. One adult and 2 kids allowed to ride in the jet ski.
  • You have to pay for toilet/showe use in the beach area so plan your use of toilet/showers well.

Next stop...... MARDI AGRO PARK

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