Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 8 - Nambung National Park, Western Australia (March 2006)

Today we were headed to see the Pinnacles Desert at Nambung National Park - 245 kms north of Perth. It took around 3 hours to get to the hot desert.
the marked path around the Nambung National Park where the Pinnacles were

preparing the kids to come out for some photo ops, under the piercing hot sun

good thing the limestone formations were big enough to provide shade

surrounded by pillars of limestones

The park features beautiful beaches, coastal dune systems, shady groves of tuart trees and low heathland rich in flowering plants. There were actually a lot of flies and we couldn't get a good family picture because the kids were swatting the flies around.

finally, a decent picture. Ira was pointing to a fly on Kelvin's head

Pinnacles Desert - consists thousands of huge limestone pillars rising out of a stark landscape of yellow sand. In some places they reach up to 3.5 metres tall. Some are jagged, sharp-edged columns, rising to a point; while others resemble tombstones.

making our way through the Pinnacles Desert

everywhere you look it's just desert and pinnacles...

On the way back to Perth, we stopped by Dunedin, supposedly to experience sand boarding. But we were too concerned about the sand getting into the kids eyes because it was too windy. We just parked near the sand dunes and watched some tourists who took a sandboarding tour from a far. We then realized how taxing it would be for us to sand-board down the dune and climb up to take another slide down - with kids in tow.

making sand angels 

we saw a tour group from afar. They came via a big bus

Day 9...

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