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Day 9 - Rottnest Island & Fremantle, Western Australia (March 2006)

Today we were on our way to visit ROTTNEST ISLAND - a 25minute ferry-ride from Fremantle. We drove to Fremantle in the morning as we planned to spend the whole morning till early afternoon in the island.

We arrived the pier, looked for the ticketing offices and bought our tickets with Rottnest Fast Ferries. Family package was AUD 122. We were just in time for the departure of the ferry. I was waiting for the boys at the dock when after a few minutes they were still not around. I ran towards the parking lot to check on them only to find out that hubby didn't have cash with him so he can't pay the parking fees (there's a parking machine). I scrambled for coins in my purse, hurriedly put them in the slot (later on I found out that I put more money that was required, like AUD5!!!) and put the parking tickets on the dashboard. Then we ran towards the dock as the ferry was about to leave. 

It was a smooth-sailing trip towards the island. Kelvin was able to go out to the back of the ship to see the ocean while Ira and I stayed inside (I was kind of sleepy).

Upon arrival at the island, we headed to the tourism office to get a map. Then grabbed some snacks before we explored the island.

We initially planned to rent a bicycle with passenger carrier. But we decided to just take the Bayseeker bus (AUD14) that goes around the island to maximize our time. A decision we glad we made as we discovered that there were steep roads on some parts of the island. We passed by cyclers who are walking their bikes up a hill! Hubby definitely won't be able to pedal a bike with passengers in it. 

The island has a lot of beaches to choose from. All offer clear blue waters. We stopped at Little Salmon Bay which is one of the most popular bays on Rottnest Island. It is a favourite spot for families as it is sheltered and calm and is also a great spot for snorkelling.

There were a lot of tourists in the area. Most are just taking in the scenery - mainly because the water, even as tempting as it looks - was too cold for someone to really enjoy swimming.
walking towards the cold waters

Kelvin loved playing in the sand

But the kids didn't mind the temperature at all!

snack again after a few hours in the bay before heading back to Fremantle

We were already on our way back before it was dark. We walked around Fremantle, passing by the Motor Museum (which was already closed by the time we got there).

too bad the museum was already closed when we got there

wasn't really sure this was allowed

in front of the Maritime Museum

walking along the streets of Freemantle

We passed by the Maritime Museum and checked out some souvenirs at the Free Market. After buying a few magnets and some souvenirs, Mark went back to the carpark to get the car and drove back to fetch us near the train station. 

We were already in the hotel when we realized we were missing one bag! I left it at the bus stop! We immediately called the front desk to ask if they could contact the train station for us. We were lucky that someone actually informed the security that there was a bag (ours) left in the bus stop. We scheduled to pick it up the next day.

Day 10...

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