Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Island Hop to Bintan in 2007

Travel dates: December 12-15, 2007. Days before the super peak season starting Dec 20.

Booked 4days/3nites package from Five Stars Tours = $640.80

Inclusions: return ferry tickets (Singapore-Bintan-Singapore), return hotel transfers, 3 nights accommodation at Nirwana Resort Hotel with breakfast --> for 2 adults and 2 children

4days/3nights Itinerary

Day 1
- ETD of ferry from Singapore 9:05am. I suggest early ferry so you can maximize your first day in the island. One hour trip from Singapore to Bintan.

- there are a lot of choices of restaurants in the resort. There is a pool-side resto. There is the main resto where they serve breakfast and buffet lunch/dinner. There is also a bistro on the main floor (reception area) and a bar.

- checked in to our Garden Room (walking distance to beach and pool area) after lunch. Room has tv, one queen bed, table and chair. Toilet/bath was decent. Has ceiling fan and aircon.

- make sure you reconfirm your return ferry ticket upon check in at the hotel. It's a MUST!

- swimming whole afternoon even if it was a bit drizzling.

Day 2
- early breakfast for the family

- swimming again till around 3pm. Kids got tired so back to hotel room, nap for a while.

- an afternoon adventure - DUNE BUGGY RIDE. They don't need to see your license in this ride but they would ask you if you have one (doesn't make sense really). Rental of one buggy is $75 per hour. 

I really recommend this adventure experience. The kids loved it. There were not even scared! My little one (3yrs old) almost fell asleep during the ride. Can you imagine that?!?!

- dead tired from the adrenaline pumping dune buggy ride, we just ordered room service for dinner( $16.80 for fried rice and drinks.)

Day 3
- woke up early morning and walked along the beach. Took photos then headed for breakfast.
- whole day swimming today. We did not even bother going to Pasar Oleh Oleh (went there during our first visit to Bintan in 2005). We were already ok with the food and swimming in the resort.

Day 4
- our last day. Ordered room service again $13.20. Bought some chips in the resort convenience store $4.60.
- we wandered to nearby resort Nirwana Beach Club (formerly known as Mana Mana Beach Club). If you want to go for water sports activities, this is the place to be. They have kayaks, jetskis, and kite boards.
- had lunch at the ground floor bistro. Pizza $15 and drinks $3.50 each. Total cost $26.40
- ferry departure 5:30pm. Make the most of your last day in Bintan esp if you only have a few days to stay (like over the weekend).

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