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Day 10 - Perth City Centre & Caversham Wildlife Park (March 2006)

Our last day in Perth and we still had the whole day to enjoy. Before checking out from Holiday Inn City Centre, we strolled along the nearby shops. I was hoping to find opal earrings before leaving the city. Good thing we found that I want (milky opal) and one that has a reasonable in price.

After our last-minute shopping, we prepared for our traditional hotel room family photo before checking out.

Then headed to Caversham Wildlife Park (AUD29 for family), which is just 15kms away. 

Unit B Lot 99
Lord Street
Whiteman, Western Australia 6068

Open daily 9:00am to 5:30pm (except Christmas Day)
Last entry into the park is at 4:30pm

It houses a collection of local animals and birds. From the main entrance you can actually see the kangaroos walking/hopping around or lounging. There were the normal brown kangaroos and then there were the white (albino) kangaroos. 

with a group of lounging kangaroos. They were quite domesticated actually

Kelvin enjoyed feeding the roos - but most of them were I think too full to eat anymore with the bus loads of tourists coming to feed them every hour or so.

family picture with one big roo

we're not sure if he's sleeping or not

feeding time never ends for these kangaroos as tourists come in bus loads at times

We were able to hold and carry some of the animals in the park. There were wombats, koalas, kangaroos, wallabees, donkeys, goats, rabbits, and others.
petting area for rabbits

you can also feed the donkey

an enclosure with the cute koala. I was scared though cause the guide mentioned how sharp their claws are.

carrying a wombat. I couldn't believe it was that heavy! 
After seeing the pictures at home, we realized Ira was touching the wombat's foot.

There was also a few camels and you can ride them for a few dollars. 

still not sure who was going to ride the camel. 

it was me!

I didn't know what to expect from the ride - cause I haven't experienced riding any animal for that matter, not even a horse. The daughter of the owner of the camel was holding the reigns and guided the camel around the lot. It was quite a bumpy, up and down ride. At first it was kind of fun. I was laughing while the camel moved forward - I thought I was going to fall! The girl (who is younger than me but definitely taller) was sharing some information about the history of camels, and what camels can do. She mentioned that camels were even used to raise in some countries - and she walked faster and the camel was almost running! I got scared!

We then said goodbye to the friendly aussie animals and headed back to the city before our flight in the evening. We went to King's Park to get a nice view of the city until sundown.

This is the war memorial located at King's Park. It comprises the Cenotaph, Court of Contemplation, Flame of Remembrance and Pool of reflection.

Perth City Centre before sundown.

Overlooking the city at night.

last family picture at Perth City centre

farewell, Perth. Goodbye, car.

We headed back to the airport, returned the car (in a carpark at the airport) and waited for our flight back to Singapore.

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