Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 7 - Busselton to Perth (March 2006)

We weren't very early today. We took the time to lounge at the hotel room veranda, taking in the cool breeze.

went back to Busselton Jetty for a morning photo op

Then we went ahead for our journey to an old gold fields orchard.

We sort of got a little bit lost along the way (or so we thought). We had the impression that we were very much lost since there were no cars on the road. We went from driving along the shoreline to being way inland. There were no one to ask directions from. We just had a map, our directions and a whole lot of guts.

We were quite relieved when we started seeing one or two houses along the way. Then finally, the signs popped out. We just followed the signs (as I was cross-referencing the directions I have and the route map I made) and few more minutes we were already at the gate of the orchard.

at the carpark

Old Goldfields Orchard and Cider Factory. The Old Goldfields Orchard takes it's name from the Donnybrook Gold Rush of 1898/99. One of the earliest and most exciting finds happened right here where the orchard is today. There is a small museum. And there are hectares and hectares of different fruits. Tourists were allowed to pick their own fruits for consumption within the orchard.
walking around the orchard


in this orchard, you can pick as much as you can eat. No take homes. 
Or maybe you can but just for personal consumption

Kelvin liked the newly-discovered fruit - nashi.
It tasted like a pear.

want some?

Ira won't be left out

reading info about the tree

there was also a small reservoir and a museum which was an old barn (i think)

Kelvin still not done with his nashi

want some plum???

a cafe within the orchard

there was also a sand pit for the kids to play in

they really didn't care if it was hot

Next, we headed to Abingdon Miniature Village  (AUD36) in Mandurah. It has display of scale model miniatures of historic buildings from the UK, is set amongst 4 acres of magnificent award winning gardens. A 1000m² hedge maze, circular maze, model train town, mini golf, secret garden, lakes, water features, picnic, playground & BBQ areas are some of the many experiences that Abingdon Miniature Village will provide. 

Ira (in the stroller) and I tried the maze while Mark was on the viewing tower to help us find our way out. It was hard to maneuver the stroller in the maze.

After Mandurah, we were on the final stretch of the final leg of our trip to PERTH. Checked in at Holiday Inn.

Day 8...

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