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Day 14 - Disneyland Paris, France (2011)

Fourteen days into our holiday. So far we have been to....

the land of beers, sausages and castles, Germany
the land of flavors, Luxembourg
the land of waffles, chocolates and french fries , Belgium
the land of tulips and windmills, Netherlands
the land of brasseries, macarons and crepes, Paris

Today, we ventured into the place where we all can become children again. Where we could make our childhood dreams come true. It was a day to visit Disneyland Paris!

It's Ira's first ever visit to Disneyland. Although this was already my, hubby's and Kelvin's second Disney trip (first time was in the US in 2002), as well as the HK family's Nth time (they frequent Disney HongKong), we all looked forward to a different experience. After all, this was Disney Paris. Mickey may be speaking in French!

thought of pretending to be Disney characters to get free entrance :)

Mickey Mouse landscaping - common to all Disney parks

can't wait to get their hands on the tickets

there weren't any queues when we got to the ticket counters. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

our tickets - 2 adults and 2 children 

Now here's a trivia (more like a caution). We bought the Paris Visite card because it has 20% discount for Disney tickets. Unfortunately, it was not really clearly stated that we were supposed to go within the dates that the card was valid. Unfortunately, our Paris Visite card was only valid for 2 days, excluding the day of our visit to Disney (since we planned on driving there anyway). Not sure if it was lack of research on my part (promise, i really checked and there were no conditions stated!!!) or just misinformation. We still had to pay for the tickets anyway, that's Euro 216 for 2 adults and 2 children. 

officially entering the Disneyland Paris grounds through Main Street USA

I was flooded with memories of our last visit to Disney USA 9 years ago

where the magic begins

We opened our maps and discussed which rides/attractions we were going to visit. We had to be organized since there were a lot of attractions, and a lot of us who like different attractions. Good thing we had the family from HK who were experts in the field of Disney :)

First up, the likes of the younger kids.

showing off his ability to roll the tongue ( a generic trait, that is)

getting ready to defeat Zerg

the families in action

It's a small world boat ride

the smile on Ira's face... priceless.
I'm glad our kids were pretty easy to please. They didn't ask to buy anything at all, anything expensive that is. And they didn't make a scene if their demands were not met. We could leave any theme park with no shopping bags at all! 

autopia - Ira's favorite ride

Kelvin was already big enough to ride on his own

Ira needed to ride with Daddy

Space Mountain... no takers though...


passing by It's a Small World boat ride

spinning tea cups... the only girl's favorite ride

an adult and 4 kids in a teacup

Dumbo ride - the longest queue EVER! But we still went for it.

mom and daughter

me and Kelvin

Ira the Dumbo Pilot

a scary place inside a child's playground

going into the deep, dark pirates' world

after the Pirates of the Caribbean adventure came the shops (as expected). We asked the kids to try on pirate costumes. Ira was too smiley-faced to be a pirate.

Kelvin looked to naive to be a pirate...

fierce-looking pirate princess Shane.

walking to Frontierland - to the legends of the Wild West... yiiiiihaaaaaa!

family photo before me and hubby go on a roller coaster ride - a runaway mine train on the wind-swept sierras of Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain

taking the last train to go around the park

Mickey and friends. Last performance before closing time.

final farewell to Mickey

goofing around at Main Street USA.. soon enough we will be bringing Ira to the REAL Main Street USA :)

last minute shopping. Snow globe, check. Magnet, check. All done!

we were looking for something that's almost the same as the one we bought in Disney California in 2002. The numbers were bigger and the design was better. But since they don't have that in the shops we had to settle for this. At least it also had the year on it.

Caguioa family

Ramos family

tick tock, tick tock... it's finally time to leave Disneyland... 

we really had fun!

bienvenue, Mickey et amis!

although Disneyland was already closed, there were still many things to see and do around the area. At Disney Village, it's Shopping, dining, cinemas, dancing and live entertainment for the whole family.

we decided to have dinner at the Disney Village

Earl of Sandwich - the best hot sandwiches in the world.
unfortunately, we were so famished 
we finished the sandwiches before we had the chance to take pictures of them 

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