Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jeju Island Road Trip Day 3: SEOPJIKOJI

One of the smallest lighthouses we've seen by far is located at Seopjikoji. We drove, for less than an hour, from the southern part of the island to the eastern part to get to this coastal beauty.

The boys were still asleep when we arrived at Seopjikoji, tired from all the exertions at Jeongbang Falls. Hubby and I waited for them to wake up to ask them if they wanted to come down and walk to the lighthouse with us. They were still not in the mood to go out specially when they saw how hot it was outside so we decided to go on the walk on our own while the boys had their snacks in the car.
It's always captivating to have a view of the sea from the coast. And there's this feeling of serenity as I heard the waves hitting the rocky coast. The walk from the car park all the way to the main pathway leading to the lighthouse provided tourists with fantastic views not only of the lighthouse ahead but of the hills, the coast and the horizon. What a relaxing walk it was.

When we first had a glimpse of the lighthouse we were not sure how to make of it. It really looked quite small from afar. We took several fun shots like holding it with just two fingers or making it the stone of my ring. We didn't walk all the way to the lighthouse though, just admired it from afar. We saw that there were a throng of tourists making their way to the lighthouse and there was already a large crowd congregating in front of the lighthouse. We wouldn't get a chance to take a good photo if we were that close to it anyway. 

Sepjikoji rewarded us with a few minutes of much needed quality couple time. It was indeed a refreshing walk as we reminisced personal couple moments, after which we were pumped up to be back with our boys again. 
this house was featured in the drama series All-in but was undergoing renovation during our visit
making his mark by adding to this pile of rocks

When we walked back to the car the boys were already raring to go - for another snack. So we all walked to the shops nearby and grabbed some hotdogs and drinks and lingered for a few more minutes to take in the breathtaking view that Seopjikoji offered. The boys even ventured down into the rocky coast. They wanted to investigate what the locals were drying under the very hot sun. It turned out to be some of the local seafood.
just across the car park we saw some locals drying squid

It was almost 5pm when we left Seopjikoji and drove off to nearby Seongsan Ilchulbong. Time flies when you're having fun or when you're in a very relaxed state. Or both!

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