Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marina Barrage

It was our first time to visit Marina Barrage. We were all excited.

From Sengkang MRT we took the train going to Habrour Front and alighted at Dhoby Ghaut Station. Then we transferred to Red Line going to Marina Bay Station. Before the exit gantry, there are directions and a map to show where the shuttle bus and SBS 400 are located. Unfortunately, the directions were not accurate.

It said upon exiting the MRT station, turn left and then left again on the main road. We followed the instructions and walked towards the bus stop wherein we had to walk along the highway then under the over pass, only to find out there was an easier and even nearer bus top if we turned right upon exiting the MRT station! This was because my SIL and I decided to walk back to the street near the MRT exit and look for other bus stops where the shuttle bus could be. Waste of energy there.

My SIL and I boarded the shuttle bus from the bus stop and informed hubby (who was still at the farther bus stop, with the kids) that the bus was on the way.

Few more minutes and we were already at the Marina Barrage.

at the entrance, just a few steps from the bus stop

Our first stop was the Green Roof. We took the lift going up. There were a lot of people there. Some were flying kites, some were even having photo shoots! Others had their picnic. We didn't spend that much time there though because there was a lighting alert and the visitors were asked to take shelter.

the barrage. View from the Green Roof

Since we didn't want to rush to the lift to go down together with all the other visitors there, we were the first ones to leave the Green Roof. We then headed to the water play area so the kids can have fun while it was still not raining heavily.

running around in covered play area

playing in the waterfalls

experimenting with the falls

as if running around is not enough

busy taking pics of the kics

After almost an hour (or so), we asked the kids to shower and dress up so we could visit the gallery on the second floor.
crawling their way to the shower area


It was kind of funny that we were at the Marina Barrage and the shower and toilets had a disruption in water supply! Good thing we were able to borrow the water hose from the workers. The kids just showered outside.

After showering, we walked to the jetty. Some people were checking out a sign there and we got curious. It was a ferry service to the Singapore Flyer ($5). The fee will be deducted from the total price of the ride on the flyer (which makes it sort of free in a way). 

Then we headed to the second floor to see the Sustainable Singapore Gallery.

red light?

green light?

on our way to the other galleries

water droplets filled with educational info

model of development in Sengkang (around the area of Sengkang Swimming Complex) where a floating boardwalk is planned to be made

miniature model of the Marina Barrage

watching the simulation of how the barrage works when it rains and there is excessive water in the reservoir

the dam opening up to release excessive rain water to the sea

alternative release area for excessive water supply

this is one of the best places in the gallery, only second to the miniature barrage.
Visitors can send e-postcards using 6 backgrounds available. The webcam enables visitors to pose and be included in the e-postcard. We tried so many times but only received 3 e-postcards!

It was a really entertaining day out. A good way to start the school holiday.

Here are other pictures during our trip to Marina Barrage.

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